Monday, 15 April 2013

Show Stopper Red: Topshop Nails

This is my first dabble in the Topshop make-up range. My local store doesn't stock it, so whilst a bit further afield - I picked up this nail polish. Having a good old route through the shades, I was rather inclined to choose a spring-like pink, however, as a creature of habit, I just couldn't bypass this amazing red - I think you'll agree, it's a show stopper scarlet. Another (rather stupid) reason for my choice was the name, Collegiate, as I went to a collegiate school, though I may have been suspended for wearing such a brazen shade, back in the day. Anyway, firstly, I just love this colour - it's amazing, isn't it? This zingy red is the perfect bright to add a splash of colour to an outfit, I love to wear with Breton stripes. The formula is great, it's easy to work with, just two thin coats are needed. The finish isn't shiny or isn't matte - nice kind of satin-like finish. I can't say much for the longevity, I only painted my nails with it yesterday, but so far, so good. The brush is pretty average for as far as nail brushes go - it's easy enough to use. In short, I just LOVE this colour. Have you tried any Topshop nail polish?

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