Monday, 8 April 2013

Benefit Box Blushes - Sugarbomb & Dandelion

I'm a big fan of the Benefit box blushes, the quirkiness of the packaging just draws me in. My collection started when I left my make-up bag at airport security, realising when I'd gone through the gate (really) – not the cleverest thing I've done. So, in a quest to restock my make-up bag, I bought two shades from Benefit. The first was Coralista, which I have reviewed here, the second, Sugarbomb. And Dandelion, because, well, after owning the latter, I just wanted it.

As with all the Benefit blushes, they come in cute boxes which are rather bulky in a make-up bag, but very pretty to have on your dressing table. As you can see, I have carried Sugarbomb around a fair bit and the box has scuffed up slightly. The box also comes with a little brush, which I don't tend to use, but it's perfectly functional.

Sugarbomb is a luscious quad of four shades - mauve, coral, pink and bronze, these can be used separately with a small brush, or together. I'd prefer to mix the shades, which results in a gorgeous depth of colour - not quite pink, not quite coral – but somewhere lovely in between. I use this quite sparingly on my fair complexion, I don't need a lot for a healthy glow. There is a subtle shimmer that highlights the cheekbones, but which isn't overpowering. It lasts all day on my, perfect for the 9-5 day, I'd top up a little is going out after work. In all, a great all-rounder and ideal for an everyday blush.

Dandelion is is the most gorgeous dusky pink, so pretty and perfect for spring. It gives a lovely flush of colour to the cheeks and is a nice blush for those days where you want the 'no make-up' look. Used lightly, it gives little in the way of colour pay-off, you have to build up the colour before you really notice it. It looks lovely on the fairer skin tones, I'm not sure it would really show up on darker / olive skin tones as it's so pale. It's staying-power is as above. I can't say I use this as much as Sugarbomb, but it's a handy shade to have when you want to look more natural.

Have you tried these blushes? What's your favourite Benefit shade?

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