Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Crème Jeunesse des Mains: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

It's a tradition in my family, every Christmas my dad buys me a mini-torch (even though I've lived in London for the last decade, they've proven useful once or twice, lost keys etc, but I'm not much of an adventurer ) and my mum buys me a tube of Clarins Hand Cream - guess who I take after more?

So, having consistently used this since I was old enough to appreciate the wares and fares Clarins have to offer, I reckon I'll be giving a pretty fair review. Firstly, if I wasn't gifted this year in year out, I would definitely spend the £20 to invest in a tube. It's worth it for the scent alone - ummmmm, pleasantly floral and distinctively Clarins. It's light in texture and not greasy, leaving the hands soft , smooth and nails hydrated. It softens skin around the nails and makes it easier to deal with, less snagging of little rag nails. I don't tend to use this if my hands are in a complete state, I would use something a bit more waxy in texture that survives a few hand washes, but it's the perfect hand cream to have in your handbag for every day use. You don't need to use a lot, one 100ml tube will see me through until at least October, so again, worth the money. The packaging, as ever with Clarins, is simplistic and elegant. If you haven't yet tried this hand cream, I'd recommend – its on offer at escentual.com for £16.00 - bargain!

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