Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dr Jart+ Pore Refine: Bubble Foam

We've all heard of the Dr Jart+ BB Cream, it's been raved about incessantly on blogs since it's launch in the UK, a super product that's worth the hype in my humble opinion. However, I hadn't read much on other Dr Jart+ products, so when I saw this and was in the mood for filling my basket with all things skincare, I thought I would give it a go.

A deep-cleansing face wash, this product claims to use a 'dual-bubble mechanism' to remove dirt and clear pores. The formula is thick, creates a creamy lather and feels luxurious to massage into the skin, rinsing off with water. I have to say - I'm not seeing two types of bubble when I use this product, but I am seeing clean, refreshed skin. I was pleasantly surprised to note that Dr Jart+ lists a number of herbal extracts – Witch Hazel, Sage and Rosemary as key ingredients - which may contribute to why this wash feels gentle and non-irritating on the skin. I haven't noticed any difference in my pores, though only use this once or twice a week to give my skin a deep clean - maybe with more consistent use, I would see a visible effect.

I do really like this cleansing wash and I can't wait to try some of the other Pore Refine products from the Dr Jart+ range!

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