Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bourjois Smoky Eye eyeshadow Palette 04 Nude

Eyeshadow is never really my highest priority. I have a few I like, rarely branch out in terms of colour and actually if I had to live without it, it probably wouldn't cost me a thought. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the smouldering smoky-eyed look, but I have a staple few graphite greys and silvers that achieve this – mostly from MAC, which repurchase time and time again. I have tried one or two of the Bourjois singles eyeshadows in the past, they didn't wow me and felt I was drawn in by the cute pot it came in. However, the sultry smoky look isn't for the office and I fancied a change from my normal slick of eyeliner.

Whilst browsing a few months ago, this little trio caught my eye (no pun intended). The shades in this Smoky Eye Palette are just delicious - a shimmery gold and metallic copper, alongside a deep chocolate brown that adds a bit of drama. I have worn the gold and copper on their own, when I have been short of time, they are perfect for everyday wear and they really make a blue eye zing. The darkest shade is also great to use along the lash line, a softer alternative to using a kohl pencil or a liquid eyeliner. There's a brief tutorial on how to apply the three shades together on the back of the packaging, can't say I followed these instructions, but its a nice touch, I guess. The packaging is pretty basic and the applicator is ok, personally I'd prefer to use a brush for eyeshadow. I do find I need to use quite heavily to get any depth of colour - they aren't overly pigmented. I don't use a primer on my eyelids and this does tend to last all day and doesn't gather in the crease line.

In all, a nice little palette that won't break the bank. They have a great shade range, six in total to choose from. Have you tried any of the Bourjois Smoky Eye Palettes?

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