Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Excess Baggage

With the party season upon us, I find with late nights and less sleep than normal, I need a little extra help with the dark circles and bags under my eyes come morning. Here's a quick post on my go to products - one new and one old favourite.

I've been using YSL Touch Éclat for years, both as a highlighter and to disguise any dark circles - it's definitely my go-to product after a heavy night and is certainly a staple in my make-up bag all year round. Dotting under the eyes in darker areas and blending with a brush to even out. It lasts ages, makes me look like I've had a good eight hours sleep and definitely worth the money.

The second is a newbie - Benefit Ooh La Lift. It's a light pink paste, used for brightening any under eye shadows. Dotting under the eyes, patting the product with my finger to even out. I'm a big fan of the Benefit brand and if I'm honest, had higher hopes for this product, it does the job but needs reapplying more often than I'd like. It does sell itself as an eye brightener, so I guess it does what it says - I'd just prefer a little more coverage. To end on a positive note - it feels amazing on the skin, cooling and refreshing.

What products do you rely on to make yourself look and feel a bit more human the morning after a nights partying? I'd love your suggestions - with 2 weeks partying left, I'm sure ill need them!

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