Saturday, 22 December 2012

A New Lipstick Obsession: MAC Lustre Lipstick Rouge À Lèvres in Love Lorn

Self-gifting, inevitable at this time of year whilst pacing the streets looking for Christmas presents for friends and family. Guilty as charged. I picked up this new lipstick yesterday, just couldn't resist it's posey pink shade, and having tried it out the minute I bought it, I thought I'd share it with you.

I'm new to MAC lippies. (I know - I can hear you screaming), its just I'm not an avid lipstick wearer and favour dramatic eyes, so in an effort not to rock the panto-chic look, I spend a lot of time looking and not so much buying. Anyway, that was until I started reading so many blogs - now, I need them and its less on the eyes and more on the lips. However, here I have found the perfect pink shade, gives a subtle pop of colour without looking too obvious, it isn't uber pigmented and can be worn alongside my beloved smokey eye. MAC lustre is moisturising, sheer and perfect for the lipstick rookie as it doesn't require the precision in application a more striking matt lippie would. It's only down side, it's not really a stayer, needing topped up a bit more often than I'd like. I LOVE it and I'll definitely invest in some more colours! What is your favourite MAC lippie?


  1. Lovely colour. My foundation and blusher is mac but I too haven't yet invested in a lippy. Have so many from rimmel and really like theirs for the price. May have a look at mac lipsticks in the new year though.... Would be rude not to!!

    Need to see a pic of you with your smokey eyes and pink lips! Do love pink lips with dark eyes... Look edgy yet girly.



  2. I love the MAC blushes too - spend way too much on them! You should give the lipsticks a whirl, bit more than Rimmel (which are ace too - esp the Kate ones!) but worth it, this MAC lippie is just so wearable! Working up to make up pics, just started out - my photography need a bit of work-haha! x

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    1. Thank you! Its hard to pick one - there are SO many lovely colours! :0